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AS500-000225 Oil Bath Bearing Assembly for Rome

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Product Specifications
For: Rome -- 225 x 1-5/8" Round Axle

-  High quality components.
-  Longer lifespan.
-  Less Maintenance.

Performance and durability of the bearings depend basically on two factors:
-  1. Capability to support loads in two ways, radial and axial.
-  2. Ability to keep foreign material from getting into the bearing, which causes fast wearing.

In order to comply with the first requisite TAPERED ROLLER BEARINGS are used to indicate its ability to absorb loads in two ways.

It is important to mention the usage of DUO-CONE SEALS.
This is composed of two o'rings and two metallic rings with stone tracks to keep the oil sealing on axial way. This is the most reliable way for heavy equipment like the drive wheel of the Caterpillar Crawler Tractor that uses the same system.

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